Streptomycetaceae’s Science & Skepticism Blog

Welcome to As you can probably tell, this is a blog dedicated to answering popular questions about science. My goal is to help out people who are doing personal research online, and teach a little bit about skepticism. My chosen username “Streptomycetaceae” reflects my interest in microbiology, which I have a B.S. in. However, I blog about a vast array of subjects, depending on what scientific or pseudo-scientific claims I encounter online.

My main goal is to communicate a respect for science and skepticism. Unlike many cynical people, I still believe in the progress of human society. Many problems exist today, but we cannot move backward towards a simpler time. Those bridges are burned. The only course open is forward, and that path requires a population that understands and appreciates science and critical thinking. One of the biggest problems with the world is that so many people put far more thought into defending their opinions than they did into forming them. To combat this, I try to go into each post with an open mind, and I have changed my mind on a number of subjects.

In the spirit of skepticism, I try my best to remain accurate in all of my posts. If you find anything inaccurate, like a misinterpretation of a cited paper, please say so. I try to study many different areas of science in this blog, but I’m not a jack-of-all-trades. I will probably always know more about Biology than say, Climatology. If you spot an error, please contact me so that I can correct it. I have opinions as much as anyone else, but I try to begin each blog post open to the possibility that my opinions are incorrect. Only after a fair amount of reading and thinking do I actually commit myself to a particular position.  I hope my readers will agree with me that this is the only way to form any opinion worth voicing.


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